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Upgrade your live workspace now

Upgrade your live workspace now

Improve Your Immediate Workplace Photo by Tom Fisk:

The current Covid pandemic is not easy for anyone. Few people will forget 2020 and beyond. Nothing escapes the turbulence of everyday life. Making the situation worse is the need for masks, social distancing and vaccinations. In some unfortunate cases, he took the Grim Reaper with him.
From my own observations, many travel plans have been put on hold and food is a surprising luxury. Our basic communication skills have been modified to be adopted by Zoom and many students are already familiar with the term home learning (HBL).
The workplace is also not spared. Having anticipated the 2020 period, with increasing concerns that artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics could take away our valuable work, and the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies that promise better returns with greater investment volatility, we are encouraged here to work from home and get used to Zoom communication. We never had feelings of isolation, confusion and helplessness at the same time.

Here are some tips to help us:


You have to learn to slow down and take note of what has happened over the last two years. There should be a calm and humble reflection on past events. Take your time. You will not be prompted to use Tiktok's timings.

Television broadcast

Sometimes it's okay to follow our favorite shows on streaming services. We can use our mobile devices to connect to this world. Surf on Netflix and Disney+... why not.

Review our goals

It is possible that our purpose in life was created before Covid and is no longer relevant now with Covid. On the other hand, Covid may have created new business opportunities and we may need to revise our sales forecast.

To work at home

The current situation of working from home may not appeal to many people because these workers do not have the social character to meet co-workers. In addition, the boss may not find enough evidence to be happy with our work and we may have to throw Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) out the window. Try to make your workspace in your home more conducive and private.

Learn something new

We can learn from YouTube and even the TikTok platform and are always open to further training. There is a lot to offer, so be sure to contact your professional organization and ask for accreditation advice. If the learning course is not exam-based, remember to choose a course that includes relevant projects reviewed by respected subject matter experts.


Maybe we should get used to not going on business trips anymore. Instead, we need to learn how to use Zoom to connect with our business partners overseas. This can create a whole new set of problems as the internet challenges us to sound more convincing and clear.


Take the opportunity to exercise more and eat better. This allows you to be much more focused and energetic throughout the day.

Don't hoard

Maybe you can take a fresh look at your surroundings and start cleaning. You can also start color coding your items to save time and find what you need faster.

Listen to podcasts

I'm a business podcaster, and I also find a lot of satisfaction in being able to focus on the message and benefits of podcasts. All the best in your future professional life.