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8 Tips to Use TikTok to Increase Productivity at Work

Use TikTok to increase productivity at work

TikTok to increase productivity at work Photo by Cottonbro:
I must confess to all readers that I just created my TikTok account and went through it with an open mind. I was tired at first because I was just getting used to promoting my education business through Instagram and Facebook. I wonder if TikTok is like a shortened version of those two social media platforms, aimed at a younger audience with a lot less patience and focus.

I was mistaken

I'm so impressed with the energy and creativity of TikTok that I think HR should seriously consider using it in the workplace to help companies increase productivity and creativity. Are they chimeras and daring escape ideas just to escape the monotony of everyday life? Not true. How could this have happened?

Here are some tips you can apply in your workplace.

No Tips that you can apply to your workplace
1 The Message
2 Music
3 Create text for video
4 Lip sync
5 Timing
6 Light hearted
7 Public comments
8 Evaluation

1. The Message

Every TikTok recording should contain a message that gives viewers meaning and direction. The message could be the launch of a new product or even celebrating the organization's 5th anniversary. Don't be too ambitious. Stick to one embassy for now.

2. Music

Matching the music to the message improves viewer memory and retention. There's a selection of mood music in the TikTok archive so you don't have to rush out and make the wrong decision. Remember that your employees may be of different generations, so it's appropriate to vote on the final music selection.

3. Create text for video

You can create any text you want to communicate more clearly. Although the list of colors on TikTok is not exhaustive, they offer you the possibility to customize them. Note that your text should not obscure the rest of your shot or the viewer will be confused by the whole experience. Perhaps you can ask your team to suggest phrases to include in the video.

4. Lip sync

Many TikTok users sync pre-recorded songs or dialogues of their choice. Personally, I think practicing live video chat for corporate group activities is a good teamwork group activity. This will increase their confidence and indirectly help build their personal brand.

5. Timing

I think the recording time should be limited to 3 minutes maximum. This is to further encourage your team to access messages quickly. Don't feel like you have to finish your TikTok registration on the first try. It was meant to be trial and error, almost like a social experiment.

6. Light hearted

As a business group activity, making TikTok videos should be easy and should not reveal any sensitive information to the public. His team does not make MTV videos, but instead lets the band's creativity run free in a safe, non-judgmental environment. This different way of looking at activity makes TikTok a great communication tool.

7. Public comments

Allowing the public to post comments may not be appropriate for the first 6 months of these regular workshops. The reason is simple. Some comments may be too harsh and your team may leave the session with low self-esteem. The organizers did not want that.

8. Evaluation

HR managers should provide constructive feedback after viewing the completed TikTok recording. He or she should create a sample checklist to ensure workers have a set format for their performance. This form must be given to each member in complete confidentiality.