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Create the best culture for your employees

Create the best culture for your employees

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Most working professionals can relate to the challenges that come with everyday work. They just want to kill the day and go home where, except for the weekend, they'll soon be getting ready to get up and try again. They know they have it for years before even thinking about retiring. What if you could instead help your employees enjoy their work day? Creating a positive corporate culture will not only make employees happy, but will most likely increase productivity and increase the overall success of the company. Corporate culture basically boils down to the personality of the company and the work environment. In the end, a good corporate culture shows that "up" values ​​their employees enough to care about their happiness. Several elements contribute to this culture, including, but not limited to:


Anyone with a 9 to 5 job knows how stressful traveling during rush hour can be. Worse, early morning commutes can get your day off to a bad start, leaving you feeling stressed before you even get through that door. Allowing your employees to show up a few hours late can make a difference in their attitude and productivity. Different people work better in different situations. You can also allow your employees to telecommute several days a week, or work four days a week instead of five. Instead of adapting employees to meet the needs of the job, you can customize the job to meet the needs of the employees. If he's a "morning person," try scheduling him to work early. Employees work best when their working hours align with their peak productivity times.

Health and well-being

Healthy employees are happier and more productive. It also means less sales for your business. Offering competitive health insurance plans reduces sick days and stress caused by excessive medical expenses. You might also consider including incentives to stay healthy, such as a free or inexpensive gym memberships.

Shared mission and values

Find and hire people who are passionate about your company's industry and who share the company's values. When an employee shares the company's mission and values, they feel part of something important – something bigger than themselves – and find meaning in their purpose. They will invest their time, talent and passion and appreciate when their hard work pays off. They will be proud of themselves, their co-workers and the company itself.

Community/team atmosphere

Community development programs and team building activities, both formal and informal, will strengthen the company as a whole. It is important to plan activities that allow employees from different parts of the organization to share social space. Familiarity breeds a more productive culture. As everyone begins to network, the culture will develop and you will find yourself with greater productivity and efficiency over time. Warby Parker, a prescription eyewear company, is a great example of a community-driven business. It has its own team dedicated to setting up social events within the company.

Employee voice

The more you can involve your employees in the business, the more likely they are to feel ownership of and invest in the business. Statistical analysis of organizational culture reveals that when employers encourage employees to speak up, employees feel valued, are more successful, and are more likely to engage with their work. REI, a well-known outdoor gear retailer, holds regular town hall-style meetings where management can answer questions and concerns raised anonymously by employees. This gives management a sense of what's going on in the company from the employee's perspective, and employees have fewer reasons to isolate themselves. Innovative ideas that think outside the box should be recognized and rewarded. Some of these ideas can change the direction of your business in very positive ways.

A dynamic company culture can have a huge impact on all aspects of your business, from profits to employee retention. You will have employees looking forward to coming to work every day and many new recruits looking forward to job opportunities.