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Halloween doesn't have to be scary for the wallet

Halloween is great fun for kids and adults of all ages.

Halloween doesn't have to be scary for the wallet

Most Americans, even as adults, have fond memories of trickery and hosting Halloween parties. Buying Halloween decorations is a great way to get into the “spirit” of Halloween.

Most people buy Halloween decorations in late summer or early fall and put up the decorations in late September. Many neighborhoods hold friendly competitions to see who can put on the best exhibit, and people will come from far and wide to visit the haunted house.

If you're a store or business owner, you can attract customers with an eye-catching seasonal Halloween display.

Halloween decorations set the mood

The spooky atmosphere is the most important part of any Halloween celebration. Whether you're throwing a party for kids, teens, or adults, throwing your own haunted house, or just handing out candy, the right Halloween decorations will set the right mood.

Halloween is a time when celebrations definitely call for elaborate decorations.

Tips for a Spooky Halloween Party

From witches and black cats, to ghosts and goblins, to pumpkins and tombstones, there are tons of cute and spooky themes for your Halloween party.

Get the party started with outdoor yard decorations and illuminated window displays.

Prepare the ground for the light elements as soon as your guests enter. Ditch your usual white light bulb and opt instead for an icy red light, a cruel green light or a black light to create a spooky nightmare ambiance.

Use themed bowls and cutlery to set an attractive table with delicious dishes. As with all parties, you'll find plenty of themed plates and napkins. However, on Halloween you can add some special twists. Turn cocktail franks into "monster toes" and serve the dip in a skull-shaped bowl. A skeletal hand sticking out of the candy bowl gives guests fun tricks with their treats.

And don't forget cobwebs and fake spiders for an authentic gothic horror look.

The origin of Halloween decorations

Some Halloween motifs have festive origins. The ancient Celts of England believed that on Samhain, the night that marks the end of the warm months and the harvest season, the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead was temporarily lifted.

Harvest decorations like dried corn and corn husks, along with all the spooky themes, evoke the original meaning of this Halloween.

Trick or Treat and Halloween costumes also have their roots in this period. People left sweet offerings for spirits and disguised themselves as spirits to get the dead to leave them alone.

Swinging for apples was likely an introduction to the Romans, as the feast was associated with their fruit and tree goddesses.

With the spread of Christianity, Samhain became All Saints' Day and turned into a celebration of the victory of the saints over demons and evil witches. Costumes and decorations look scarier.

Jack-o'-lanterns are also native to the British Isles. This Halloween staple is based on a folk tale about a cheap man who tricked the devil out of money. In Ireland, Jack carved turnips. When the British came to America, they found the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin.

By the 1920s, Halloween in the United States had become a seasonal and communal celebration and had lost most of its religious associations.

Buy Halloween decorations wholesale

With so many themes and ideas, you should be looking for inexpensive Halloween decoration packs. Buying in bulk will provide you with enough wholesale Halloween decorations to fill every corner of your home with the spooky spirit of this fun holiday.