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How to better manage your business printing costs

How to better manage your business printing costs

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Printing costs are usually a consideration in running a business. However, these costs can extend to your business without you knowing it. Indeed, most companies do not have processes or software to manage costs associated with printing and it is difficult to track them. Here are some ways to better manage your business's printing costs.

Check printing software

In many cases, it is easier and cheaper to use printing software to manage and streamline the document printing process. In some cases, printing costs alone can save up to 30% or more! When looking for the best printing software, make sure it works with the printer you already own. With a little digging, you should be able to see if something like this makes sense for your business.

Print mainly in black and white

While we all like to add a little color to our lives, printing in color only when needed will save a lot of money in the office. Color cartridges can cost 40% or more than their monotonous counterparts. Charts and tables can often make the point and are just as effective, even when printed in black and white or grayscale. High-quality photo prints use the most ink, so print sparingly.

Print less

Instead of printing documents and distributing hard copies, email your colleagues instead. If your printer has scan capabilities, you can also scan a copy of the document and email it as an attachment. Google Docs and Google Sheets are also great team collaboration apps where you need input from others and can track changes you make on the go.

Use duplex printing

This is a simple and effective solution to reduce printing costs and waste by up to 50%! Before printing, always look at the print preview screen to make sure the check box for duplex printing is checked. You can configure your printer's default settings from this screen to ensure automatic two-sided printing. Email your entire staff to remind them to check and make sure they are also using duplex printing.

Reduce margins and font size

A good way to get more information out of a sheet of paper is to reduce the margins and print size. A 10pt. Fonts are easy to read and reduce paper consumption. Switching to smaller margins can save up to 14% more information on a single sheet of paper!

Print in draft mode

Draft mode printing may not be suitable for all applications due to lower print quality. If you just need to print something that is readable but don't need a high-quality finish, this mode will help you save money in the long run. Uses less ink to print. Depending on the printer type, it may also be called Toner Quality, Toner Save, EconoMode, or Draft Quality.

Use recycled ink

The cost of ink and toner is often the most expensive part of owning a printer. Switching to recycled or remanufactured cartridges can save up to 15-50% of these costs! Resellers who sell ink and toner can determine their own prices without having to follow the prices set by Dell or HP, for example. Recycled ink cartridges are also filled to the brim with ink, whereas cartridges directly from the manufacturer are often not.

There are many easy ways to save on these costs so you don't take them out of your business. By following this guide, you can easily save multiple modifications without having to make difficult or expensive modifications. Apply in your business to start saving now!